Gin Rummy Tips - Knock Early

Chasing a Gin Hand

Many new players chase after a Gin hand.  You receive an attractive 25 point bonus + the difference in deadwood.  This can add up to quite a few points. 

Admittingly, it's very satisfying to score 50+ points against your opponent.

With a Gin Hand you need to use all of the cards in your hand minus a final discard.  This is much harder to achieve, especially against a seasoned Gin Rummy Player.

You're much more likely to score points by knocking early than waiting. 

When is it Early?

For a new player trying to understand what knocking early means let's use the following simple strategy.  

After the deal there are 31 cards left in the deck. On Yimmaw you can see this underneath the deck.

Early Knock

If you've got any knockable-hand and there are more than 25 cards left in the deck - don't hesitate to knock.  You are most likely going to score some points.


20-25 cards left, let's be a bit more conservative.  Assume your opponent has much less deadwood at this point and their hand is shaping up.  Knock with 5 or less deadwood points.  Your opponent may even be waiting to undercut you.

Late Knock

Less than 20 cards left, we're getting into the danger zone.  You and your opponent are probably waiting for that "One Card" to knock or go Gin.  Knock with 3 or less points or just go for the Gin!


You may not win a tournament with this simple strategy, but hopefully it will explain the difference between early vs. late knocks.